Friday, 27 January 2012

What I've been working on prior to creating this blog ...

My research consists of looking through medical anatomy resources as well as artist-oriented anatomy resources. Some of the most useful resources come in the form of dissections of cadavers and CT scans which show 3D and coloured images of bones and muscles in living people.

To kick-start the project, and to create a seed from where the rest of the project will grow, I sculpted the Skull. However, with minimal knowledge and minimal resources it came out fairly unrealistic ... as the project progressed, and I learnt more and found more resources, I kept updating the skull and everything else I had made at the time:

First version of the skull
I took the liberty to learn the form of each bone, even where it wasn't directly important to surface anatomy; I did this to ensure a professional looking representation of the body. For example, when studying, the spine, I found that the first 2 vertebrae were different to the next 5, which were different to the next 12, which were different to the last 5 and I implemented this into my sculpt.

This stage consisted mainly of blocking out the subtools rather than focussing on accuracy

When I got to a stage where I had usable pieces for each bone. I sculpted each one to their basic forms and proportioned the body to be more realistic. At this stage, thanks to some 3D scans of real human skulls, I had refined the skull to a much more accurate standard. As it was the most complete part, I started building the muscles on top of it:

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